Cover / Motivation letter

When applying for a job, it is important to submit a cover/motivation letter in addition to the resume, the purpose of which is to additionally present the candidate to the potential employer with characteristics that may be useful to the business organization. Through the motivation letter, the candidate informs the employer why he or she should be hired for the job.

The cover letter is usually written in 3 paragraphs and is preferably short and concise. There is no need to go over one A4 page. The header contains the name and surname, and contact information, followed by the letter to whom it is addressed (Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs. XXXX, or Dear Sir or Madam) as well as a greeting at the end respectfully, i.e. Sincerely).

In the first paragraph, the recipient of the letter is informed of the reason why the candidate is applying and the source of information about the competition for a particular job.

The second paragraph briefly describes the profession of the candidate, and lists the business experience that can be extremely important in the context of the advertised job vacancy. It is important to emphasize exactly what could be interesting and useful to a potential employer, which will distinguish the candidate from others.

The third paragraph expresses the expectation that the job application will be considered and leaves the possibility of additional contact, in case of need, or if additional clarifications or documentation are needed.