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Search & selection

Our main task is to identify, attract and evaluate the best candidates –who meet the requirements of the position and the culture of the organization itself.

We are primarily partners to our clients, which allows us to have a deeper understanding of the nature of their business and strategic goals. With this, we are in the best position to recruit the very individuals who are most suited, both to the demands of the position and to the very culture of the organization.

By applying many years of experience, we offer our clients the highest level of recruitment and selection services.

The process includes identification, evaluation system and use of unique sources of candidates as well as the application of appropriate selection methods, in order to assess all the necessary competences of the candidates.

Methodology of work

In close cooperation with the client, we first define detailed and specific job description for the advertised position. The professional team of Profesio agency applies the following steps, all according to the previous agreement with the Client:

Comprehensive labour market analysis

Posting the job advertisement on job portals as well as on social networks

Search our candidate database

Structured interviews (online or live)

Foreign language proficiency testing upon request

Psychological tests of different types according to the client’s needs

Testing specific knowledge required for successful performance of work (the Client’s obligation is to assign an expert to provide information on the required specific knowledge)

Administration of the entire process and reporting to client

Employer of record

Temporary employment is a concept that implies assignment of an agency employee to work with a client, whereby the agency signs an assignment agreement with the client, and an employment contract with the employee, which constitutes a tripartite legal relationship. Using this service avoids various costs, such as personnel administration, payroll.

Agency employees are managed as employees of the agency, not as employees of the client. The agency can take on existing employees of the client, take on employees who work through another agency, or hire new employees, those targeted by the client.

The relationship between the client and the agency is governed by the agreement on the assignment of employees and the general terms and conditions of the agency’s business. The agreement defines in detail the rights and obligations of the client and the agency, as well as other specifics related to a certain workplace. The employee signs an employment contract with the agency on the basis of legal regulations and thus makes it available to the client. In the same way, the Agency is obliged to hand over a referral letter to the beneficiary, which must contain the information prescribed by the ZOR, before sending the seconded worker to the user.

Benefits of temporary employment:

the client is freed from full monitoring of employees according to legal obligations (registration and deregistration of employees, personal files, health and sanitary examinations - if required by a certain workplace)​

the client does not need additional resources for calculating employee salaries and archiving documentation

responsibility for the confidentiality and security of personal data of employees and their salaries lies with the agency

the client is able to increase his own efficiency by focusing on his core business, leaving all the aforementioned tasks to the agency's experts.

The monthly agency fee is calculated as a percentage of the employee’s gross II salary, i.e. the total cost of the employee. It is not calculated on tax-free payments. The agency fee is charged only to the client.
The calculation of the agency commission is based on several elements that the agency agrees with the client. One of the most important is the long-term cooperation, the method of finding employees (existing employees of the client or needing to be found on the labor market, then the number of employees who are transferred to the client, the period of time for which the transfer is agreed, etc.)

All segments of cooperation are discussed in detail with each client, and the best solution for all involved parties is found in an individual approach. The use of the agency work service enables the client to flexibly fill shorter or longer absences such as sick leave, maternity leave, etc., and to optimize seasonal business needs and requirements for specific projects.

Global mobility

You are thinking about hiring foreign Employees?

Profesio provides you support from planning, recruitment and administration when obtaining relevant residence permits and work permits. We offer you support even after hiring and introducing Employees to the company in order to facilitate the integration of foreign employees and thereby maintain successful employee retention.

We have developed three innovative models that encourage cooperation, use global talent and bring great value to organizations in Croatia and abroad.

Model 1: Global Talent Connect

We have perfected our expertise in finding and identifying highly qualified professionals from the Philippines and are dedicated to facilitating their carefree relocation to Croatia and the surrounding regions. Leveraging our expertise and network, we connect our clients with talented individuals who can contribute to the growth and success of their organizations.

Model 2: In-Country Foreign Workforce

We actively cooperate with professionals who already reside in Croatia and express interest in working for our reputable clients. Through our extensive local network and industry expertise, we connect these individuals with suitable employment that matches their skills and ambitions.

Model 3: Remote Work Hub

Recognizing the growing demand for remote work opportunities, we provide opportunities for highly skilled professionals from the Philippines to work remotely. Using their knowledge and flexibility of working remotely, we enable seamless collaboration on projects and initiatives, regardless of geographical barriers.

At Profesio, we are dedicated to connecting talent and opportunity. Together we can create a dynamic ecosystem based on diversity, innovation and unlimited potential.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover how our talent solution can transform your organization. For all questions, feel free to contact us at janette.milinovic@profesio.hr