What does a construction recruiter do?

Recruiters are most productive when they have their niche, in my case it’s the construction industry.

Construction industry

First of all, in construction we have a basic division into high-rise construction and civil engineering, and divisions within them into new construction or reconstruction, residential and industrial construction or infrastructure, road construction, bridge construction, etc. As a result, it employs many professionals with different education and experience. It would be good if you have at least basic knowledge or become more familiar with the mentioned divisions because this information will be very important to you during your search.Most of my work experience is related to construction, which helps me a lot in my job because I quickly understand the employer’s needs or what kind of candidate profile I’m looking for.

Job description

Our work’s essence is profiling, searching and finding talents in different positions for one or more construction companies. My current job is finding clients (construction companies) in Croatia or the DACH region and then finding suitable candidates for them. Depending on the client’s requirements at a given moment, I very often simultaneously search for architects, project managers or managers using my network of contacts, business networks and advertising. In general, a lot of conversations, emails and messages for each of the positions individually.  

How to recruit successfully

First , you must know the labor market where you are recruiting very well. The criteria differ somewhat from country to country, so in addition to the basic requirements such as experience in the specified position, there may be additional requirements related to qualifications. In addition, you must pay attention to the conditions and benefits offered, how they are taxable, etc., as they may differ from country to country. Adapt the way you communicate because there may be misunderstandings either because of language or cultural differences. Also, the ways of finding candidates differ from the type of business network to advertising. And here we come to one of the most important element for success, active search. Using an active search, you will find the best, passive candidates, and you will get a lot of useful information and position yourself well in this job over time.


In my opinion, there is no special secret, as in everything, the basic prerequisites are love for this job, desire for success and openness to flexible work, because you can learn other things important for this job along the way. Especially if you have someone to learn from, regardless of whether you are just starting out or already have experience in this business.

Author: Sanin Radulović


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